Adult 90s Fancy Dress Costumes

The 1990s, one of our favorite decades, and we have some great 1990s costumes for you all to look at and reminisce. The 90s were full of rave music and ridiculous dance moves still popular today. Michael Jackson had some big hits in the 90s and grunge was born. The curtain hairstyle was probably the most iconic of the decade. The fashion was nothing to be shouted about but it did include a lot of leggings, crop tops, stone wash jeans and the slip dress made it's first appearance. The underwear as outerwear look was started!

If you want a great 1990s costume that will get you noticed for all the right reasons, we recommend going through this awesome section and taking yourself back to the time of Vanilla Ice and picking a 1980s costume that will be remembered long after the party! For wigs and other great finishing touches pop over to our accessories section.

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