The beginning of it all! We started with the Morphsuit and we will never not be creating more innovative, more creative designs - its everything we stand for! The Morphsuit is something that you can wear to become anyone else, to have some fun and not be you for a while - an escape that we all need sometimes. With our mix of spandex and polyester, these suits are breathable, you're able to see through them perfectly (but no one can see you), and you can drink through them too but don't swim in them. That's one downfall, swimming is just one step too far for them. With a variety of colors and designs, you'll find at least one that you're tempted to pick up. From Marvel, to Star Wars, to Animal Planet, to flags of the world - we told you we would find one that would tempt you! Our officially licensed character Morphsuits extremely high quality, thanks to our photo-realistic printing tech! That's the nature of these costumes, they're incredibly tempting. Possibly even more so than cake. And we love cake. Perfect for Bachelor parties, Bachelorette parties, costume parties, Halloween, or whatever occasion you want really. We recommend you wear one to a wear-one-colour party, because that party theme was the reason we are the business we are today! If you get a bit stuck, check out our inspiration pages and our social media. See our full range of Morphsuits down below.

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