Beating Heart Zombie Shirt

They may eat brains but they still have a heart

Beating Heart Zombie Shirt

Zombies are cool. Zombies with actual beating hearts, maggots, or snakes moving in their chest cavities are beyond cool. Simply double tap the screen to switch between animations.

The velcro pocket on the inside of the shirt is 3.75” wide x 6.1” tall. This means it can fit pretty much any mobile device including an iTouch, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and even Galaxy Note 2.

See it in action!

5 reasons to buy Digital Dudz

  1. They are mind-blowingly awesome.
  2. Random strangers will stop to see your shirt and give you high-five.
  3. It was invented by a NASA Rocket Scientist.
  4. Over 7 million YouTube views can't be wrong.
  5. We offer a full money back guarantee.
Price:  $29.95

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