10 Big Halloween Costumes for 2015

There are two types of people on Halloween: those that plan well in advance what they’re dressing up as and those who end up leaving things to the last minute. This usually ends up resulting in a pretty bad costume most probably created using an old white bed sheet or loads of toilet roll (been there my friend). But not to worry, we’re here to help you prepare the coolest costume for this year! Here are some of the top predicted Halloween costumes for 2015:


Now this is a costume that’ll definitely make you the centre of attention at any Halloween party. Not only is Deadpool a master in the techniques of assassination with epic swordsman skills and just generally a badass, but he also has accelerated healing power that prevents him from being injured. Who wouldn’t love this guy?halloween costumes


The extent of most people’s knowledge (for now) on Ant Man is the trailer for the movie- unless you’re a serious marvel fan. But trust us, this guy is seriously cool. Not only can he shrink to the size of an ant, but when he does he’s got some serious strength. Along with his army of ants, he helps save the world and he’s definitely going to make himself known in 2015!halloween costumes


Make your pals marvel at your awesome avengers themed costume (pun 100% intended)! From Iron Man to Black Widow, we’ve got them all. You could go with a group of friends as the whole Avengers crew or you could pick your favourite and go as them. Either way, you’ll definitely have all eyes on you when you walk in the room (I mean, who doesn’t love the Avengers?).halloween costumes


Let the force be with you! Being probably one of the most amazing movies that’s ever appeared on screen (and will do so again in December 2015), this is a costume choice you will not regret! We’ve got costumes for whether you want to dress to serve the galactic empire or to use the dark side of the force to take on Obi-Wan. Whatever you decision may be, we can help you out!halloween costumes


England’s top agent is back in his new movie SPECTRE! We have a feeling that this is going to be big this year so this will be a perfect theme for all you Bond fans. You could go as the man himself or one of the baddies. Either way, you’ll look awesome and have the time of you life, what else could you want?halloween costumes


These cuties are absolutely taking over festivals, parties and our lives in general, thus making them the perfect costume! From Despicable Me to having their own movie, it’s hard not to fall in love with these little guys. People will be all over you when they see you walking in with this costume!halloween costumes


You’ve seen the live action movie, now you can live the fairy tale yourself! Only we can guarantee that it’ll last way after midnight (we can’t guarantee Richard Madden though- sorry ladies). You’ll have your own “Cinderella arriving at the ball” moment and maybe grab a handsome prince of your own.halloween costumes


Let’s be honest, Frozen fever hasn’t left us yet! Whether you decide to dress as the fun-loving, optimistic Anna or the elegant yet fierce Elsa, you’ll look amazing and have a great time!halloween costumes


Everyone’s favourite turtles hit the big screen and they’re as cool, funny and epic as we remember. Although going as a group would look too awesome for words, picking your favourite and going as them will look just as cool! If you’re planning on making the costume yourself, we’d suggest purchasing one of our green Morphsuits!halloween costumes


With the Poltergeist movie coming out, two things will happen: we have another reason to hate clowns and, whether we like it or not, they’re going to be taking over Halloween nights. Freak your friends out with one of our many clown suits!halloween costumes

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