Power Rangers BWB Celebration

The new Power Rangers movie is finally out! We cannot wait to see it, as the original 90s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series is oh so dear to our hearts here at Morph. We think it’s gonna be really great, despite the early mixed reviews. Watch the trailer here.

If you want to battle Rita Repulsa, you can buy your suit here. These are some of the finest suits we’ve ever made, and we aren’t bragging when we say that. Our range of Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger Morphsuits have been in our top 10 best sellers ever since we released them.

Due to this momentous occasion, we’re going to celebrate some of our best selling suits – our Power Ranger Morphsuits! Wanna see the Power Rangers fight zombies? Then look no further…


Mighty Morphsuit Power Rangers – JOUST!

Who doesn’t want to see Power Rangers joust?! Nothing like throwing it way back in battle tactics! Just wait until the end, it’s pretty funny… poor guy.


Power Rangers vs ZOMBIES!

The fiercest of foes – Power Rangers and… Zombies? While it may not be a traditional foe for the Power Rangers, it certainly is great to see them battle a city over run by Zombies!

If you want to recreate a video like this, then we would love to see it! Grab your Zombie attire here.

We all have a slightly skewed perspective of ourselves…

…Right? Are you a little bit like us and think you’re the best acrobat ninja fighter there ever was?! When in reality, you’re more like a member of the Putty Patrol who never leaves the couch? Don’t judge us…

That’s the end of this week’s BWB and as the Red Ranger said, it’s Morphin’ Time!


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