Halloween Morphsuits

Our trusty Morphsuits are a brilliant Halloween costume, as they always have been. We have some new Morphsuits, the classic Morphsuits, and some brilliant Halloween Morphsuits. Here’s a sample of the best!


There is a new addition to this macabre crew – the Rake. If you don’t know the story of the Rake, then look at the hands of this costume and put two & two together. Our Urban Legends range are the new classic Halloween costume and always get a good reaction at a party.

Monster MORPH

We have some awesome scary costumes and even better scary monster Morphsuits. Our Clown Morphsuit could give Pennywise a run for IT’s money (see what we did there), our Boil Monster Morphsuit could leave you dry heaving if you don’t have a strong disposition, and our Arachnomania Morphsuit could even give you nightmares. Now that’s a good Halloween costume!

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