How To: Stuff a Piggyback Costume

We understand that our piggyback costumes can be a little unnerving at first glance but then the second thought is “How does that work?”. We’re here to tell you.

Whether you call them carry me costumes, ride on costumes or piggy back costumes, ours are unique. How you ask? Because ours you stuff yourself. Just take some newspaper to stuff the false legs and you’re done! Ready to party the night away and into the early hours this Halloween. You can see us do this with our Gorilla Piggyback Costume below!

Of course, you don’t have to use newspaper and newspaper only. You could use sweaters, towels or anything you want really! It only takes a few minutes to complete anyway! If you would like a video version on how to stuff a piggyback costume, you can see this below:

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