Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids love Halloween. That is a simple fact. Well, most do anyway! If they don’t like Halloween, they will most likely love dressing up – who doesn’t?! Dressing up is the best, it gives kids a chance to be their dream for a little while. Little boys dressed as wizards, little girls dressed as Spiderman, and nearly all kids dress up as some kind of animal at some point. More and more these days, kids want to explore the gruesome side to dressing up and we completely encourage it! See below for just a few of our favourite kids Halloween costumes.


We all love a good comic book. The 21st century is the age of the comic book movie, and the Batman films are some of the best. As the character has been around since 1939, the Bat symbol has become a highly iconic one in our society and we don’t think it will stop being one for a very long time. Well, we hope it won’t stop being one for a long time. anyway! Any Bat character makes an excellent Halloween costume: villain, ally or a member of the Bat family themselves. We do a brilliant number of Batman costumes, just take a look and see for yourself! We know you’ll be the best Bat there ever was; not Jason Todd, not Barbara Gordon, not Dick Grayson, not even Bruce Wayne. Just remember not to expose your secret identity. Get practicing your Bat voice – that part needs to be foolproof.

bat family


This one is for the kid who can’t really be bothered with the whole dressing up malarkey. All of our DigitalDudz costumes are really cool and really quite unique. A DigitalDudz t-shirt is brilliantly simple, brilliantly easy, and you will most likely be the only one wearing one – they’re our not-so-hidden gems. The way to get the moving effect is to download the Morph DigitalDudz app from the App Store or Android Store, find the animation that matches the shirt you are wearing, slip your phone into the little slot in the t-shirt and hey, you have your animated shirt! If you want to use your phone, it slides back out and you’re t-shirt looks normal again. If you get a bit stuck, there is a video tutorial on the app but we’re always here to help via the Contact Us button.


One of the most unnerving stories from the internet’s creepiest storyteller Creepypasta was the tale about the Slenderman. The Slenderman is one of the internet’s most famous monsters, as the video-game about the character, aptly named Slender, was incredibly popular a few years ago. The first known origins of Slenderman are from 2009, in which a guy named Eric Knudsen entered a photoshop competition to create ‘Paranormal Pictures’. He created an image of a group of teens in the 80s, and lurking in the back was an inexplicably tall man, with a pale featureless face wearing a suit. Legend has it, this man can extend his arms at his will, and has tentacles emerging from his back, which he can also extend at his will. This simple description accompanied with these Photoshopped images were posted on a forum board and has developed over the years into a full backstory/origin story. If you are a big fan of the internet demon, then this costume is for you. It’ll creep out your neighbours, give your friends a bit of a fright when you creep up on them in the mirror, and you might even spook yourself a little bit (it’s okay we’ve all been there too).



The full moon is out and we think that someone is transforming… This costume is one of our favourites as you can combine it with makeup or you can experience it as it is. The costume comes with a mask but who says you can’t pop on a little paint underneath that? The possibilities for this costume are endless; you could chuck on a red letterman jacket (or a bomber jacket if you can’t get your hands on a real letterman one), and hey you’re Michael Jackson from his Thriller video. Add some half moon glasses and an old-fashioned nightie and bonnet combo and you could be the wolf Little Red Riding Hood was so terrified of. You could grab a lacrosse stick and a maroon lacrosse jersey and you’re Scott McCall from the MTV show, or you could pick up a pair of Wayfarers and a yellow/blue letterman jacket, evoking Michael J Fox in the original Teen Wolf movie from the 80s. The latter is our favourite, we won’t lie.


Double, double toil and trouble. Either you chose to be Saruman, He Who Must Not Be Named (your version, not Ralph Fiennes’ noseless personification), or just a Dark Witch or Wizard in general, this costume will be the one for you. Again, this one opens the door to creating a really creative makeup look, as elaborate as you fancy it. You could make yourself look sunken and a bit ill, or you could create some scars using a little bit of eyeshadow, but this is just what we would do. Halloween 2016 is up to you, make it your own! 


The most classic of Halloween costumes. With this one, there are so many ways to do it – it’s basically the most creative of the Halloween monsters. You can make anything undead! Zombie school kid, zombie Alice in Wonderland, zombie Henry VIII, zombie squirrel – genuinely anything. These can be a bit more difficult because it can be kind of difficult to make yourself into a zombie squirrel. Makeup is your most creative outlet for this but it doesn’t have to be the only option. We have some brilliant zombie costumes that are really easy, no makeup skills required and the complete package. They’re brilliant and not just suited to Halloween; every girl wants a flesh eating nightmare at her Quinceañera!

kid zombie


A lot of us at MorphCostumes grew up with Harry Potter and spend far too much money on getting to America to go to the Wizarding World in Orlando (we’ve been saving since it was first announced). Hogwarts has weaved its way into all of our hearts, we are still waiting for our letters to fall onto the doormat. We adore our range of Harry Potter costumes but one of our favourite ways to make it your own, is to make your own wand. We do offer an accessory set, complete with a replica wand like Harry’s in the film but making your own is a fun way to feel like you actually are a student at Hogwarts. We recommend this way of making your own wand – please make sure you have someone with you while you do this. It might take a while so you’ll need someone to talk to and if you get a bit stuck, you’ll have someone to help you. Pick up one of our Gryffindor robes if you’re missing the old Scottish castle and need a reminder of the only school you ever wanted to go to; we do this basically once a week. Don’t judge.


With this costume, Halloween is your oyster! This costume is basically a blank canvas to create whatever you want – if you will, the inspiration station. We don’t call it the “Morph” suit for nothing! With a black Morphsuit, you could be a shadow, the best ninja the world has ever not-seen, or with a little bit of white tape you could become a stick figure. These are just examples for the black morphsuit, but introduce some of the other original colours and you have a chance to be anything, do anything, become anything! Plus the fact that you can’t see your friend’s face is weirdly the creepiest thing.

Now you know of a few options for giving you or your little monster has a fantastic kids Halloween costume! If you do choose to grab one of our costumes, send us a picture of you wearing it! We always welcome customer photos and we would love to pop you up on one of our Inspiration pages. Just tag us on Instagram (@morphcostumes) or on Facebook (Morphsuits), and keep an eye on the Inspiration tabs on our website. We look forward to seeing how you interpret our costumes. Be individual, have fun, and you might even spook your grumpy neighbour when you’re out Trick-Or-Treating!


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