Men vote on the best womens costumes of 2014

Stereotypically when people think of fancy dress you’d think of Halloween. But as shown here it can be thrown into the mix at anytime of the year, these are the top 10 womens costumes of 2014 as voted by men.


It’s not really that hard to see why this got the number one spot. The men voting probably weren’t as happy as the man in the red Morphsuit, but it probably wasn’t far off. Lets just all be thankful for that strategically placed leg, as this Santa costume for women is to say the least, slightly provocative.

Lapdancing santa


There’s quite a few X-men womens costumes floating around out there, but this one of Rogue is our pick for the best. We think with all that attention from Spiderman she probably knows she looking quite good as well.



Beer and fancy dress always go hand in hand, and when its lederhosen it’s a must have accessory. For some reason we’ve found that men always seem to like a woman in lederhosen, oh hang on we think we might have just worked out why…



Beers? Cars? Girls? Morphsuits? What more could a man want? This was always going to get voted into the list. We’re not saying the pink Morphsuit is just a women’s costume, but come on… it does look a lot better that way.

PInk morphsuits


Everyone’s always got time for a bit of Devil fancy dress, especially when there are two of them and it’s a female costume. This red cowboy is certainly enjoying the company.



Well… this one just needs you to stand and applaud. You wouldn’t normally think of nuns when it comes to surfing, but why the hell not when it can look like this.



Another Halloween staple here, the Skeleton. It might be because it’s a Morphsuit original that this woman looks so good (yes we might be a bit biased on this one), but we’re pretty sure she found somebody to party with wherever she was going.



There nothing wrong with teaming a Morphsuit with some accessories, which when your in the snow a onesie is probably perfect. These women are most definitely pulling this look off.



Probably one of the most common womens costumes on Halloween, but quite frankly it will never get old. The Witch Morphsuit is a different take on the classic costume, and clearly people quite like it.



Miley Cyrus has not been one to shy away from controversy over the last few years, and this picture wasn’t any different. But quite frankly this alien Morphsuit did look very good on Halloween.

Alien Miley

After all that we think its safe to say that the women of 2014 were very successful with their fancy dress. So if you’ve read this and felt inspired to give it a go, head over to Morphcostumes where you will be able to find a massive selection of women’s costumes.

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