Piggyback Halloween Costumes

Are you ready for the most awesome trend in costumes? Then look no further than our Piggyback costumes. Whether you want a funny-easy costume or a scary-easy costume, either way we have your costume for this Halloween season.

German Beer Wench Piggyback Costume

We mean it when we say that we have a Piggy Back costume for all occasions! If you have a late Oktoberfest party coming up then this is THE costume for you. She can’t actually give you a piggyback home after one beer too many but it’ll be funny to see you try.

Scary Piggyback Costumes

Carry me costumes are perfect for the guy who wants to dress up for a Halloween party but doesn’t really want to feel like they’re wearing a costume. It sounds crazy considering its only September but these are so popular we are already very low on some styles. If you want one for Halloween you will need to move fast!

Presidential Piggyback Costume

We make the best piggy back costumes, nobody makes better carry me costumes than we do, we have the best ride on costumes in the world. Our Presidential Piggyback Costume is going to be YUGE this Halloween.

Power Rangers Piggyback Costumes

Taking inspiration from our top selling range of Morphsuits, we created a range of Power Ranger Piggy Back costumes! You can wear this costume to any party but the one we would recommend you wear it to (or host) is a 90s Halloween Party.


Bit confused how to get this awesome optical illusion? We’ve given you a hand with that too should you need it. Check out our YouTube channel to watch our How To guide to Piggyback Costumes.

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