Power Rangers Save Paris Comic Con

We love Power Rangers and by the looks of just under 2 years of fans photos, you do too.

We’d like to tell you about one of the world’s great battles, the Battle for Paris, in the hope that you find it interesting but also because we’d like you to come back to us with ideas to do something similar, basically, you supply the idea and the people, we supply the Morphsuit and costumes!

The evil and dastardly Putty Patrol attacked Paris. The City of Love was an obvious place to start the plan for world domination.


Thankfully the Power Rangers heard about the Putty Patrols dastardly and grim plan through their mate Dave’s Tumblr account (got to watch out for those rascal Hipsters) and morphed-up, well, beside a road.


And undertook the essential posing and high jinks.


Pascal showed Laurent a pic of when he walked in on his Granny doing a poo in the loo. Pascal, SUCH a joker.


Anyway, anyway, the Putty Patrol were there baying for blood.


But the Power Rangers were ready.


Battle commenced, Red Ranger who has a part time job as a mailman was particularly effective.


The Putty Patrol barely survived, but regrouped and ran off to raise more merry hell and horror in Gay Paree.


Meanwhile the Power Rangers were having a great old time entertaining children and more posing, watch your foot there Miss Blue!


By this time the Putty Patrol had hi-jacked the main stage at Japan Expo and were about to abduct the MC in front of 6000 Comicon fans.


By that time the Power Rangers had battled there way onto the stage and soon had the upper hand.


They then forced the Putty Patrol into mass Gangnam Style line dance.


And then did some interviews with French media before going off for some more posing.


We know what you’re thinking, ‘cool story bro’. Well, if you have an idea for another battle between the power rangers and putty patrol let us know, if it’s good enough we’ll send you the suits to re-enact it. In our opinion Power Ranger costumes are some of the greatest costumes out there! They’re perfect costumes for Halloween, Prom, music festivals or saving Paris from the Putty Patrol. Go Go Power Rangers Morphsuits.

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