Saving Private Morph and the “Assume the Position” Mission.

So we are well and truly into Bachelor party Season, and if you’re looking for the funniest stag group costume for you and your friends, look no further.

Saving Private Morph is lean, he’s green, he’s a fighting machine and ain’t nobody gonna mess with him. This costume instantly transforms your troop into green plastic army soldiers, complete with helmet, gun & funny footplate to hop around on, and is definitely the most impactful group costume available.


You wouldn’t immediately associate toy soldiers with stag night games and dares, however there is an essential aspect of a stag do which just couldn’t happen without these little fellas. This genius game is called “Assume the position”, and will definitely round up your own group of troops and put them through their paces. Get the shots in and get the group tanked up in hilarious style with this perfect drinking game.

How to play “assume the position” on a stag do:

What you need:

How to play:

At the start, everybody picks a figure out of the bag, then at certain points throughout the night a designated person, usually the best man, shouts the phrase “assume the position”. Each group member has to get into the position of their chosen toy soldier as quickly as possible.

Last person has to do a forfeit.

army guy girl

We know you probably don’t need our help or suggestions with this bit, but some of our favorites here:

  • Lick the armpit of every guy in the group (even more of a forfeit when they’ve been wearing a green PVC costume…)
  • Find a guy in the room you don’t know and tell him you think he’s attractive.
  • Sing everything you say for 15 minutes in the style of Pavarotti
  • Down a girls drink, (then offer to buy her a fresh one).

Morph up and Party on, Soldiers.


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