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Women’s Halloween costumes are, as we can all agree, a work in progress. The main snag with women’s costumes is that there isn’t any choice – in a lot of cases there are loads of ‘sexy’ options but there isn’t a non-sexy option. It’s ‘sexy’ or nothing. Yeah, a lot of women want these kind of costumes but a lot of women don’t. At MorphCostumes, we aim to give you a bit more of that choice for Halloween, or any other excuse to wear a costume.


Thanks to the August 2016 film Suicide Squad, DC’s much loved Harley Quinn has been able to step into the limelight, and we are all about it. Harley’s completely dysfunctional love affair however one-sided, with the Clown Prince of Crime himself has been loved/stomached by DC Comic readers for years, despite Harley’s origins not beginning in comics. Her origin story is rooted in Batman: The Animated Series, as one of the Joker’s goons that fans of the TV shows wanted to see more of. Over time Dr Harleen Quinzell has grown to be one of the most widely known characters in DC Comics.  Her cheeky quips and vexing New York accent have wiggled their way into our hearts (but this may be her psychiatry doctorate coming through) and Harley actress Margot Robbie has a lot to do with that. We have a couple of Harley Quinn inspired costumes and we have to admit we do love the costume from the Arkham City game. You don’t find as many costumes with pants which can be an important factor in the choice for a Halloween costume. That October chill can be killer!

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If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, then you’ll know this costume well. If you’re not, you recommend you become one. An anthology series from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story follows a different group of characters living in combines classic horror sub-genres and American history: the first season followed a haunted Murder House, the second an Asylum set in the 60s, a Coven of witches for its third season, the fourth followed one of the last remaining Freakshows in 1950s America, and the fifth season was set in a modern-day Hotel, reminiscent of the Stephen King classic The Shining and inspired by the years of gruesome events at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The sixth season has just started and this season is based around the mysterious Roanoke incident of the 16th century. Hype around the series has been swelling recently and it is inflated ever more by being featured as one of the haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights hosted by Universal Studios, alongside houses based on horror greats such as The Exorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The White Nun was used in promotional images and videos for the second season, Asylum, and used in the famously sinister title sequence. A completely white statue of the Virgin Mary is seen in the foyer of the facility, used to symbolise purity which the Asylum lacks. The promotional poster has become one of the most famous images from the series and even if you’re at a party this Halloween and no one watches the series, this costume is pretty creepy. Plus it’s pretty unique and if done well, it can look phenomenal!

White Nun


The 60s were a revolutionary era in the 20th Century; the era of music, the era of fashion, the era of change, and the era of certain things we don’t condone… The 60s truly was a time of revolution that would leak into the 70s and has founded a whole new ideology that is heavily prevalent today. The term ‘Hippie’ derived from ‘hipster’ after all so you’ll see some of the 60s trends reoccurring in today’s fashion – it’s just the way fashion works; reduce, reuse, up-cycle. Everyone knows at least one hippie or has seen the 90s tv show That 70s Show in which there was a character named Leo who epitomised the image of a 60s hippie in the late 70s. Again, a failsafe costume from a classic time period.

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Lover of Lara Croft, or Black Widow, or Alice from Resident Evil? Basically, are you a fan of kick-ass movie women? If so, then this is the costume for you. It’ll make you feel like you could kick someone’s butt on Halloween and isn’t that how we all want to feel in everyday life? Holsters in place and ready to initiate mission, or just hit the town. This Paratrooper costume would be also be quite fitting for that friend who thinks she can do parkour when she’s drunk – spoiler, she can’t. But at least she’ll look cool.

Halloween costume for ladies
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What’s a better Halloween costume than the quintessential creepy clown costume?! Well we at MorphCostumes thought that and we chose to create the Clown Morphsuit basically as a way to help us with the emotional scarring left by Stephen King’s IT. IT’s influence on Halloween and the depiction of clowns has been forever changed as a result. No longer are clowns the child’s entertainer they were in the 50s, and now if you did choose to get a clown in for your child’s birthday party, I don’t think any of their friends’ parents would let them go. The stories of ‘clown killers’ aren’t uncommon over the decades and we think this is partly responsible for their unnerving reputation. Clowns are insanely creepy, and it’s hard to distinguish why. They just are. If you need a last minute costume then this is a lovely choice, as you don’t have to paint your face or your body or anything really. Of course we do encourage it, but you don’t have to. 

clown costume for ladies
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So we can all agree that women’s costumes can be a bit more of a hassle than they’re worth, but they don’t have to be and we think we prove that. Don’t worry, we at MorphCostumes are always improving and releasing new ideas – you can never have too many costumes!

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