Original Pink Kids Morphsuits

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Original Pink Kids Morphsuits

Whether you've always wanted to be a pink princess or just to get caught in the middle of an explosion in a pink paint factory, the Pink Kids Morphsuit is a must for you. This is pink, it's very pink, it's so pink you will probably get arrested by the pink police. "Pink up" in this Spandex and Polyester costume and blow everyone's eyeballs at a color party or on Halloween (everone else will be in black so you will be the COOL ONE). Features velcro hood for easy removal, in case the pink gets too much for you.


  1. Original and definitely the BEST. We started the Spandex Morphsuit phenomenon.
  2. Full money back guarantee.
  3. Made from the best quality materials for ultimate comfort and durability - original Morphsuits are easier to see through and won’t fall apart.
  4. You will have the best fun ever (and no-one will even know it’s you).
  5. 1.5 million Facebook fans can’t be wrong.
Price:  $34.99

Shipping from $4.95

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