Group Costumes

Want to double, triple or even quadruple the costume fun? Whether it's for Halloween, a sports event or just an awesome night out, you and your friends can morph into a variety of themes with these impressive group costumes. You can choose characters from the Mr Men or Little Miss crew, team up to save the world as your favorite superheroes, or join together as Team Tetris! If you need more group outfit ideas, check out our group costume inspiration page.

Dressing up with a group of friends – or even the family – is always memorable, plus it's the most hilarious way to stand out in a crowd (handy if you need to be able to spot each other easily). We have costumes for couples too, ideal if you and your other half love wearing matching disguises (hello, Fred and Wilma).

For those on bridesmaid or best man duty: the number one rule to remember when buying costumes for a bachelor or bachelorette party? The bachelor or bachelorette in question must be at least a little humiliated! Be creative with your group costume themes, as it's the perfect chance to get a little ridiculous. Plus, you'll save yourself $5 off each costume when you buy five or more!

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  • Jamaican Bobsleigh (Bobsleigh only)

    Jamaican Bobsleigh (Bobsleigh only)


    In stock

  • Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Morphsuit

    Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Morphsuit


    In stock

  • Toy Soldier Costume - Saving Private Morph

    Toy Soldier Costume - Saving Private Morph


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  • Beer Bottle Case Costume

    Beer Bottle Case Costume


    In stock

  • Beer Bottle Costume

    Beer Bottle Costume


    In stock

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