Oktoberfest Costumes

If you're reading this it probably means Oktoberfest is approaching (or you're just a fan of Bavarian costumes in your everyday life), in which case, YES!!!! Who can resist Oktoberfest!? Culture, food, drinks and fun! And who doesn't love Oktoberfest costumes?

Now, we've said it before and we'll say it again, but we have a seriously broad range of Oktoberfest costumes. Don't feel like doing any strenuous walking on the day? Why not get carried by a Bavarian in the Bearded Bavarian Piggyback Costume? Or be carried by one in the Inflatable Pick Me Up Costume! Want to have an extra few drinks and schnitzels? The Lederhosen Megamorph will help cover up that beer belly. Or go in the complete opposite direction and wear the Lederhosen Morphsuit! And of course, we've got the classic dirndl costume and lederhosen costume with style variations that are sure to please. Browse them all and have a very happy Oktoberfest!

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