Am I too fat or thin for a Morphsuit?

Morphsuits come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they all have in common is a bit of confidence. It also helps if you’re a little bit mental. Morpshuits are made of a super stretchy material (spandex), so it really doesn’t matter that much because your suit will stretch whether you are skinny or overweight. Spandex is expensive so the knock-offs don’t. The most important thing in choosing a Morphsuit is the height. If you like your food and are about 40lbs overweight for your height then just choose the next size up. Morphsuits are very stretchy so getting a good fit is not that difficult.

You do not need to be gym buff either to wear a Morphsuit. In fact, a Morphsuit is quite flattering and makes you look more buff. Morphsuits is a philosophy more than a costume. Owning a Morphsuit shows you like to crank it up. You may feel a bit insecure at first but as soon as you realise nobody knows who you are you stop caring. So, why not have a little bit of fun and let your alter ego take over?

One day…everybody will wear a Morphsuit.

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