Animal Planet Cobra Kids Morphsuit


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Product Includes: All-In-One Morphsuit Only

Material: 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex


Animal Planet Cobra Kids Morphsuit

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Slither, slide, hiss and generally scare people in this Animal Planet Cobra Kids Morphsuit. The cobra is the world's largest snake, or it was until now as you will quite possibly be even bigger. But unlike the cobra, you don't have a poison that can kill in 30 seconds, which is just as well because you won't want to be kicked out of the Halloween party or Book Week event that you're going to want to wear this to. Features velcro hood for easy removal; available in S, M and L.

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Morphsuits do not fit the same as normal clothes! Please read our Sizing Guide to make sure you're hooked up with the right size!
If you are in ANY doubt go with the LARGER size - we promise it will fit better!
Size Information
S Height: 3' - 3'5" (91cm - 104cm)
M Height: 3'6" - 3'11" (105cm - 119cm)
L Height: 4' - 4'6" (120cm - 137cm)


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