Animal Planet Grizzly Bear Kids Morphsuit


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Product Includes: All-In-One Morphsuit Only

Material: 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex


Animal Planet Grizzly Bear Kids Morphsuit

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Grizzly bears are big and scary and that's why you're going to have a roaring good time in the Animal Planet Grizzly Bear Kids Morphsuit.

Watch your personality change from cute and cuddly to large and awesome as you slip into this unique outfit that's ideal for Book Weeks, an original Halloween costume or kids parties. It's 93% Polyester and 13% Spandex, and the result is a highly comfortable, body-hugging suit that's easy to breathe through, as well as see through. Includes velcro hood for easy removal.

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Morphsuits do not fit the same as normal clothes! Please read our Sizing Guide to make sure you're hooked up with the right size!
If you are in ANY doubt go with the LARGER size - we promise it will fit better!
Size Information
S Height: 3' - 3'5" (91cm - 104cm)
M Height: 3'6" - 3'11" (105cm - 119cm)
L Height: 4' - 4'6" (120cm - 137cm)


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