That any husband-to-be will demand some massive bachelor party is a given. But let's not forget the bachelorettes too please. A bachelorette party should be the party to end all parties for any prospective bride. It should be a total riot, a massive rave, and an absolute ball. Basically, the best night EVER.


What constitutes a totally awesome bachelorette party differs from bride to bride of course. And there will be a cross section of ladies who will prefer to go for something relaxed and genteel. A beautifying spa weekend perhaps, a spot of afternoon tea, a delicious (and reassuringly healthy) meal with the bridesmaids...


But the vast majority of bachelorettes will want to let their hair down. And they'll almost certainly end up doing very silly things and drinking extremely silly amounts of alcohol on this, their final night of freedom. And what better way to be silly than to dress up in a comedy bachelorette party costume with all your besties. So, here's where we come in.


Frankly, a fluffy bra stuck over the top of your jumper and ‘Bachelorette' daubed across a t-shirt won't cut it for today's hippest hens. Instead, be the mistress of disguise as a wicked witch (he'll soon be calling you one btw), or a flapper girl It's your bachelorette party, and you can wear whatever you want to.


Keep it cute as a Crayola Crayon and if you can persuade your bridesmaids to join you, you can create the complete pack. Otherwise stick to something shamelessly sexy (it's your last night of freedom, after all). Channel your inner pirates wench or your even your Flirty Frauline.


Visit our specially designated Bachelorette Party section where we'll WOW you with lots of funny bachelorette party costume ideas.

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