Ever country is proud of their hertiage and like to celebrate certain historic events with a national day. Whether it is Independence Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, Guy Fawkes, Christmas…And what better way to celebrate anything than with a big, crazy, costume-tastic party?


Christmas is a no-brainer. Unless you've a particular aversion for religious reasons, there won't be many people out there who haven't donned a Santa hat at one time or another. Perhaps you've become Santa's Sexy Helper at the office party? a Snowman at the school fair? or worn a dodgy Christmas jumper to make your Nan happy?


Another popular national celebration is Easter, which brings with it an open invitation to stuff your face full of chocolate dressed up as a giant rabbit (an evil one if you want to really scare the kids) And what could be more of a laugh than that…


Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th calls for silly hats and pointy beards and it comes in the aftermath of Halloween, which is the time when even people who hate fancy dress wear fancy dress.


And then there's all the special ‘saints' days'. St Patrick Day calls for another equally silly hat and/or a comedy t-shirt you don't mind spilling your Guinness down the front of.


While Patriotic St George's Day allows any prospective superheroes out there to get dressed up as a sexy knight and woo a few maidens with any luck.


Flag costumes work a treat on saints' days or draping a big flag draped round your shoulders will do, if you're too rubbish to dress up in a costume. It can also rather helpfully double up as a warming cloak at pub closing time.


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