Skeleton Costumes

Clackity-clack, the Bone People are coming!

We're not quite sure why everyone is so obsessed with skeletons - we all have one. It may have to do with urban legends, fears of death or something... Whatever the reason, we are SURE that they make incredibly cool costumes, and we like to think outside of the box when it comes to the humble skeleton costume. And while we do believe a classic is classic, which is why we have our timeless Skeleton morphsuits, we do like to try new things. For example, the inflatable Skeleton T-Rex, the Skeleton Piggyback costume or the Glow in the Dark Skeleton costume! You can even transform into the scary and intense Skull & Bones Morphsuit which is the perfect Skeleton Halloween costume.

No matter your preference, simple or dramatic, we have a skeleton costume in our closet ready for Halloween and perfect for you... Don't wait too long to let it out!

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