Frankenbunny and Carrot couple costume! This probably isn't the first couples costume idea that comes to mind for most people but that is exactly why it is such a good couples costume idea. Other reasons this is a good idea

1. Frankenbunny works perfectly for Halloween which is generally when most people dress up

2. It's pretty random

3. Rabbits eat carrots in real life so people know what's going on. We're not sure what Frankenbunnys eat, assume they have a similar dietary intake to Zombies.

4. There are lots of carrot gags out there to regale the party with.

There are no more reasons.

Sorry. For those of you worried about the Carrot, don't worry it looks like he's pretty familiar with carrottee! Aiyaaaaaa! Also, what do you think Frankenbunny said to the carrot? It's been nice gnawing you. And on that bombshell we suggest you just buy the costume!

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