Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

As Paula Abdul once said, opposites attract. We agree. It's a phenomenon that happens very frequently, I mean just look at some of the most famous celebrity couples ever such as Anna Nicole Smith and J Howard Marshall, Hugh Hefner and his 7 wives, Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan.

We digress. Here is another example, Officer Hawtie and Presidente Molina above. Is that a glock 43 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Other than their penchant for firearms we think they're a good couple, even though we assume El Presidente is a bit naughty.

Naughty and the hawtie. BOOM! Such opposites are a very nice and refreshing change from the cheesy couples costumes (don't get us wrong there is a time and a place) that you see at a lot of costume parties these days.

We think this is a good alternative costume curve ball! A pint of rum and a Molotov cocktail please bartender!

  • Sexy Cop Women's Costume

    Sexy Cop Women's Costume

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