When They're Not Saving The World...

When They're Not Saving The World...

Saving the world with your partner is hard work. Partying with your partner is hard work. Whether you're a superhero or have just been to a party dressed as one, it is imperative that you take a bit of downtime every now and again. Y'know, order some food in, maybe open a bottle of rouge (we're not talking buckfast here) and settle down to watch old episodes of Columbo.

Why not do it in a Morphsuit? Exactly, there is no reason not to. With our ingenious spandex / polyester mix, Morphsuits are incredibly comfy and very easy to see out of, Columbo isn't available in HD anyway so it's not a big deal. Also, going to answer the door when the pizza delivery arrives will suddenly be a hilarious event, and you defo won't get into trouble when you nod off in front of the telly, because they won't be able to see your eyes...incredible. Mr & Mrs Incredible in fact. Fly over here for more Character Morphsuits or Disney Costumes.

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