Check Mates

Check Mates

Check mates indeed! Who would win a game of chess between these lot? These guys look like they are having a right old ding dong! Even the likes of a posh brass band can let loose in our awesome Morphsuits and here is the living proof – in back and white (sorry/not sorry).

We also have loads more Patterned Morphsuits for them to get their hands on. If you like the look of this crazy bunch and want to wear an ensemble like this, check out all our Morphsuits and get you and your pals sorted for your next party!

These costumes are great for those of you wanting remain undercover...for whatever reason that might be...Dressing in Morphsuits, it ALWAYS more fun with your pals. The more mates you get in a morphsuit, the more fun you will have. It is that simple.

Morphsuits are not just for lads. The leopard print and zebra morphsuits are perfect for girls. These are especially good at a festival. Not only that, they are super comfortable, so when you pass out at the end of a long day of dancing you won't even have to get changed into your PJ's for comfort! Just crawl into your tent and sort yourself out in the morning!

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