These are 2 of our newest costumes and they take Morphsuits to a whole new level. For starters the Orc’s teeth are 3 dimensional which adds a new tier of gruesomeness to the costume.

The Boil Monster is designed so there is additional material going over the shoulders which masks the shape of the body look less like a human and more like a weird Boil Monster that just stepped out of another world.

The photorealistic printing is so detailed that they look like something out of a Hollywood set rather than Sam (age 9) and Jack (age 12) from next door!

That is something that we noticed that kids love to go from cute youngster to a scary monster, it taps into their creativity and brings out a whole new side of their personality, which can only be a good thing!

We have included the adult Green Orc and Boil Monster morphsuits on this page, just incase your parents get jealous and want to rock the costumes too! Check out our other kids Halloween costumes.

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