Realise this might not suit everyone but what better way to spend a day in the sun than with your mates, some Power Ranger costumes, a trampoline and a camera. You may not have thought about this type of day-out before, unless you have a penchant for some fairly aggressive hallucinogens but we assure you it's a good day out. And as you can see from this pic, where we're trying to re-create one of the great slaughters of the putty patrol at Angel Grove, the end results are pretty cool. Whatever the occasion power ranger costumes are a cracking group costume to wear as they have that great mix between retro and rad. There is also a new movie coming out next year so prepare to hear a lot more from them, we have on good authority it's going to be good. Check out the awesome section we have dedicated just to Power Rangers!

Go Go Good!

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