If you're looking for the group costumes with the biggest potential for lots and lots of people then you've just found it! We'd love to say this was just co-incidence where 400 people rocked up to a costume party to find there were lots of other people wearing Tetris costumes. To be honest it was a successful Guinness world record-breaking attempt for the biggest gathering of Tetris costumes EVER. We're pretty sure did not have that much competition to be fair but we had just launched our tetris costume and wanted to do something special for our Halloween party. Plus it's guaranteed to be a sensational night out with lots of potential to create some serious ‘shapes' on the dancefloor and ‘tetrify' with people you fancy. Thankfully the DJ didn't play the theme tune all night long which would've been a serious game over.

Tetris group costume = game on.

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