Batmobile Broke Down

Batmobile Broke Down

After the Batmobile broke down...seriously though, we think this is one of the best boys and girls group costumes out there. Marvel have dominated the superhero films in Hollywood for the past 3 years with Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. With the Batman trilogy over, DC Comics took some time to take stock but have some amazing films coming out with the Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman.

Superhero film review to the side, this pic isn't of a group relating to any of those films but some of the main characters are involved. Ok so Joker & Harlequin are outnumbered but they don't fight fair anyway! With so many awesome characters, goodies and baddies, and with the Suicide Squad kicking off next year we think this is a great mix of Batman costumes. In the meantime you could add classic batman to give it a retro feel.

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