For The Foodies

For The Foodies

This group costume is known as the Saturday Night Dinner. Steak, fries and ketchup. Only thing missing is 14 beers and a bottle of rouge. Hollywood can dictate so many group costumes ideas it's nice to see one that is a bit more basic, meat and two veg vs an eight course tasting menu if you like!

It's an alternative costume but is guaranteed to get lots of people trying to take a bite out of you. They're also 3 of the easiest costumes to put on and take off for those of you who don't like to put too much effort into your party or Halloween costume. On that note it's very easy to Halloween-ify it by covering all three costumes in fake blood or indeed real ketchup!! That will mean you'll get even more people trying to dip their fries or burger into you.

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