Super Mario Bro-mance

Super Mario Bro-mance

Mario and Luigi = LADS. They may have been our heroes when we were knee high to a grasshopper, but their legendary status still lives on today, and we still rate them as heroes even now. These guys must feel the same about the Italian plumbers and we salute their fancy dress choice. We wonder if their plumbing skills are as good as the dressing skills.

We think that whatever these guys are up to, they are going to have double the fun by being dressed up as the Super Mario Bros, and super they certainly were. They rescued the peachiest of princesses, fought off the likes of Bowser, all while happily skipping along picking up tons of stars, mushrooms, extra lives and such like. Winning.

If only we could pick up a few extra lives on our next big night out, it would save a lot of grief in the morning, and would probably help with the monumental hangover that usually occurs the day after the night beforeā€¦

...not that we ever drink too much on a night. No, not us.

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