White Out

White Out

Simple, scary as hell and perfect for standing in shop windows. Behold the versatility of our white morphsuit!We don't even know who these guys are supposed to be but we think it is a great group costume. We see it working brilliantly on 2 occasions:

a. Halloween. This would be an awesome group Halloween costume. Imagine this squad arriving at your Halloween party, not saying a word, not making a sound. That would be freaky as hell. There is just something ominous about them. Then they start a dance routine…Happy?!

b. One of the colour events such as Holi, Colour run, Colour Vibe or Colour Fest. These events would be guaranteed to turn you from scary white guys to a white canvas that then gets coloured in by other people. It would make for possibly the coolest before and after pic ever. You could probably try and sell yourself as art too.

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    Bullet Hole Morphsuit

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    White MorphMask


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