Group Costume Ideas

Group Costume Ideas
The phrase ‘strength in numbers' is most applicable to gangs and group fancy dress. We don't know much about gangs but when it comes to costumes the attention you get, the scope for horseplay and the potential for serious fun, means doing it in a group is ALWAYS the way to go, whether there are 3 of you or 300! It was difficult but we've chosen our favourite group costumes ideas, which could work for pretty much any team costume occasion from superhero parties to uniform themes or just DIY a bunch of morphsuits. The opportunities are about as endless as the potential for fun.
  • Marvel Superheroes

    Marvel Superheroes

  • Group Worship

    Group Worship

  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers

  • Batmobile Broke Down

    Batmobile Broke Down

  • Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

    Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

  • Mr Men

    Mr Men

  • Team Mr Block Head

    Team Mr Block Head

  • For The Foodies

    For The Foodies

  • Purple Power Morph

    Purple Power Morph

  • Multi-Coloured Morph

    Multi-Coloured Morph

  • Team Tetris

    Team Tetris

  • Mario Morph

    Mario Morph

  • Super Mario Bro-mance

    Super Mario Bro-mance

  • Selfie Religion

    Selfie Religion

  • Ahoy Me Hearties

    Ahoy Me Hearties

  • Dragon Wars

    Dragon Wars

  • Superhero Family

    Superhero Family

  • Power Struggle

    Power Struggle

  • Morph Power

    Morph Power

  • Ba-Ba-Ba-Banana


  • Check Mates

    Check Mates

  • Turtle Power

    Turtle Power

  • White Out

    White Out

  • Girl Power

    Girl Power

  • Festival Heroes

    Festival Heroes

  • Spoon A Rainbow

    Spoon A Rainbow

  • Wunderbar Lederhosen

    Wunderbar Lederhosen

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