Digital Dudz T-Shirts

Digital Dudz T-Shirts

This picture captures one of the world's greatest stare-offs...

In the blue corner we have young Jack Stogdon. When he locks onto something that he finds interesting, there is very little to budge his glare. He doesn't adhere to socieral norms, he doesn't even know what societal norms are. He's a bit of a machine.

In the red corner, we have out Digital Dudz pinned eye t-shirt, which actually involves a machine. There is a cool t-shirt with an awesome image on it. However, it is underneath the t-shirt where are the really cool stuff happens. The eye moves all over the place becuase it is an animation on your phone played from our app, your phone is held in a specially designed velcro pouch.

Nice try Jack, but the only way you win is if the battery runs out, and let's face it, if it's an iPhone 6 the chances are pretty high. Whether it's for staring out kids, a costume party, or daywear, this is most certainly one of the best ways to make a huge impact. This is our standard daywear now, and it never ceases to get banter. Check out the Digital Dudz Masks while you are at it!

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