Frozen Family

Frozen Family

Frozen for everyone! Having made $1.3 billion at the box office, more than any other animated film and been watched an average of 27 times by all humans under 5 years of age (and their parents), it's no surprise that EVERYONE wants to get in on the Frozen good times! Thankfully we cater for all different sizes of Frozen princesses, even ones who are 6'2, weigh 102kgs and have a tattoo of a dragon on their left shoulder!

This is such a great pic because it has 3 different sizes of Frozen costume - and they are clearly having a right laugh. Most importantly daughter is loving it, although we think it looks like mum is enjoying it the most. There's even a wry grin on Dad's chops, probably something to do with hoping that the boys don't find out about this or not being able to wait to tell them. Either way, this is a cracking, alternative group costume!

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