Stag Avengers

Stag Avengers

Avengers 2. One of the biggest movies ever made and boy do these fine fellows (obviously on a stag party) do it justice. Avenger justice.

Can you spot the stag? We didn't even need to ask! Most of the guys have some off-the-peg costumes, well-accessorized with the iconic weapons of the Avengers such as a hammer, a shield or eye patch. All of these costumes are available here.

We even do a Hulk costumes, it's one of our best costumes but oh no, the best man choose to purchase some green body paint and a pair of purple gym shorts instead. LAD! We just hope Hulk didn't get angry at being left out of the non-head-to-toe paint costumes because Iron Man isn't in his Hulk Buster kit.

Other ideas for an Avengers costumes Stag party would be to put the stag in Black Widow. Just a thought.

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