Superhero Stag Do

Superhero Stag Do

Superhero selective. Superhero movies are taking over Hollywood and there is no surprise when you see this awesome line-up. Afterall guys generally want to dress-up as the guys they see in movies. So just to go through the role call there's the Avengers, Suicide Squad, X-Men, Fantastic 4.

This gang of superheroes are just a case of cherry-picking of the best of the best characters. Iron Man in the middle, the character that made Robert Downy Jnr the best paid actor in Hollywood ($51M a film!) accompanied by his Avengers buddy Cap. Batman and Robin kind of had to come as a pair and it's nice how Robin has assumed the position in front of Batman. Then you've got Spider-man as a bit of an outlier. Deadpool looks like he's goofing around as usual given the line for the film is “with great power comes great irresponsibility”! Cyclops and Wolverine as old X-Men buddies, although Wolverine seems to be more friendly with Superman. Either way we think it is an awesome group costume.

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