Well Suited

Well Suited

These guys know how to dress for a stag do. Smart, yet funny and totally awesome. Not for the shy types, you will have people approaching all day asking you about them! And for good reason!

You can choose to go down the heart route and transform yourself into Mr. Lover Lover, or if you are feeling a little bit flash, you could don the Cashanova suits. For those lads who like a bit of Pink, there is a suit with your name on it. Get involved.

An OppoSuit is the opposite of a normal business suit (apart from the quality and the cut) and is made out of a ridiculous and unusual pattern in a stylish cut. The high-quality fabric similar to proper ‘boring’ suits enables you to wear your OppoSuit over and over again.

This is not some kind of a disposable fancy dress costume, this is a proper suit – just a bit more colourful! Check out the full range of Opposuits we offer. There are new designs coming out all the time so make sure to stay in touch!

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