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Yellow Morphsuit


<p>Put on your <strong>Yellow Morphsuit</strong> and bring the heat to any party, festival or Carnival. You'll light up the event like the sun itself

A new Simpson character? The bad guy from Sin City's mum? Or Caitlyn Jenner going incognito in Miami with her best mates? We'd love it to be either of those 3 but we reckon this is just a good old fashioned stitch-up on a Stag weekend.


As you will see from other stag ideas on this page, quite often the rest of the stag party dress-up in costume too. Nothing as bad as the Stag himself obviously but it does go some way to take some of the attention away from the Stag. Not this Stag party! The rest of the lads are wearing what we would describe as traditional summer holiday attire and they look like they're having a great time!


In other ways they've been quite considerate to the stag by protecting his dignity with the bikini and they've covered him up with the sun hat and shades. SO thoughtful..

Red Morphsuit


<p>Blow everyone's minds as well as their eyeballs with the one and only <strong>Red Morphsuit</strong>, one of our bestselling classics.</p> <p>Turn

Blue Morphsuit


<p>Don't be blue... The <strong>Blue Morphsuit</strong> is the perfect base layer to any costume, whether you just want to go as blue or accessorise

Green Morphsuit


<p>Be a lean, green party machine in our ever-popular <strong>Green Morphsuit</strong>.</p> <p>Because it's such a blank canvas, you can turn yoursel



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