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Red Morphsuit


<p>Blow everyone's minds as well as their eyeballs with the one and only <strong>Red Morphsuit</strong>, one of our bestselling classics.</p> <p>Turn

So simple, so genius. A lot of couples (the girl in a couple) like arts and crafts. The boy in the relationship likes making an impact at any party he goes to. This is a perfect blend for a DIY costume, especially when it's as simple as this, otherwise it just gets in the way of drinking.


All you have to do for this costume is get some white paper, pens and a ketchup bottle. Simple. We think this costume would be great for many types of costume occasions. It would work brilliantly for a BBQ, condiment convention or meat party. I mean who hasn't been to a meat party.


Yellow Morphsuit


<p>Put on your <strong>Yellow Morphsuit</strong> and bring the heat to any party, festival or Carnival. You'll light up the event like the sun itself

Black Morphsuit


<p>The <strong>Black Morphsuit</strong> is simplicity itself, which is probably why it's the bestselling item in the range. Hey, everything goes with





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