Purple Morphsuit $34.99

Only slightly crazy people like purple so make a frank statement about your questionable mental health with the Purple Morphsuit. We're not exactly sure what's going on here (which is the genius behind many group costumes). Don't think this is a superhero team tribute, The Phantom maybe, but to our knowledge The Phantom doesn't have a large afro or white sweatbands! Whatever it is we think it's pretty super tho. As we've said for a long time, more Morphsuits equals Morphfun (see what we did there?!), and accessories always take the fun to a new level, the more the better. Although judging by their pointing in multiple directions and the fact this looks like a Stag costume party, it's just a shame one of their accessories isn't a map!...Team Purple Power, TO THE BOOZER! White Sun Glasses $7.99

  • Only for the coolest Morphsuits
Black Wig $8.99
  • For Morphs who miss their hair, wear a wig
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