Kids Inflatable Costumes

Make your kids up with pride with our fantastic range of inflatable costumes for kids! Far more than a bunch of hot air, these clever outfits are sure to be a hit at Halloween, themed parties or any other occasion calling for costume excellence. For maximum impact with next to no effort, an inflatable costume will definitely float your boat (or dinosaur, or whatever else you choose!). Your kids will be bouncing with joy – and probably around the room – in these attention-grabbing suits. Their friends will be amazed at what's keeping the whole thing afloat, and you can feel smug that scoring such a fabulous costume was a total breeze. Choose an inflatable T-Rex costume that's equal parts scary and hilarious, or any of our other eye-catching options.
  • Kids Pick Me Up™ Slenderman Inflatable Costume

    Kids Pick Me Up™ Slenderman Inflatable Costume

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