Moving Eye Peeking Fence T-Shirt


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Product Includes: Adult T-Shirt with Phone Pocket

Material: 100% Cotton


Moving Eye Peeking Fence T-Shirt

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Are you peeking? No? Your t-shirt certainly is! If you want to really freak out your mates or total strangers for that matter this Peeking Fence T-Shirt will scare the living daylights out of them. It's pretty gruesome, are you ready to get some of the best reactions you have ever had for your Halloween ensemble? You don't have to just wear this at Halloween, you can rock this anywhere, pretty much. Maybe not to a nursery or funeral, we would steer clear of them in this! To create this awesome effect, just download our free app to your smartphone, pop the phone into the pouch in the t-shirt and there you have it, the eyeball peers through and that is when the trouble really starts! Expect lots of screaming and more when you approach people. This shirt features a new front-loading pocket so you can remove and add your mobile device in less than 2 seconds.

This t-shirt can be worn whenever you like but works brilliantly at Halloween celebrations and Heaven & Hell parties.

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T Shirt Size Chest Length
Small 34" to 36" 28"
Medium 38" to 40" 29"
Large 42" to 44" 30"
XL 46" to 48" 31"
XXL 50" to 52" 32"

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