What is a Morphsuit?

The future of fashion. A device for augmenting life. Augmented anonymity. The best costume in the world. All of these things, we hope anyway.

Morpshuits are full body suits made from polyester and spandex to make them super stretchy. They are basically full body jumpsuits that are shaped like a human body complete with fingers. They make great fancy dress costumes and let the wearer experience the very cool feeling of being totally anonymous. You can have a killer time in a Morphsuit on you jack (by yourself) or with your gang / homies / young Christian club.

A Morphsuit will transform you into a more fun version of you. No joke. You become totally anonymous and lose all / most of your inhibitions (it’s a bit like being drunk / eating too many skittles) so you have the time of your life without any concern about what people think of you because they can’t see you. You can be as crazy as you like.

You can use a Morphsuit as a fancy dress costume in itself or as a base for a more elaborate fancy dress costume. We have a huge selection of ideas on our facebook page where people just like you have uploaded photos fun times and great costume ideas .

Morphsuits started in 2009 when the founders of Morphsuits went to a party in Dublin. There was a guy wearing a homemade spandex suit. He was like a sleb, people wear talking to him (mainly girls, which wasn’t normally the case), people taking his photo (mainly girls), buying him drinks and one person even gave him a kebab. He was such a legend that we decided the world needed more of these and we created Morphsuits.

Ever since that day we have increased our range from 6 to over a hundred suits which come in all shapes and sizes, colours and patterns. We’ve constantly improved the product to allow for a tighter fit, better visibility and a higher quality. Our costumes fit better so your body looks better, stretch more and last longer than our competitors.

We are the only Morphsuit company (hear us roar!) and we are still the best with over 1,200,000 facebook fans worldwide.

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