Original Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

No, I’m not talking about what your flat mate turns into after a night out drinking, I’m talking about the real flesh-eating, walking corpse that we’ve seen continually grow popular in movies and books. Since possibly the Ancient Greeks who were one of the first civilizations to show a fear of the undead, zombies have always been that “thing” in culture. Zombie costumes have graced the front lines of Halloween costume photos since the camera was invented, but they’ve grown to become even more realistic in the modern world.

Here are 5 original Zombie Halloween Costume ideas to get you inspired:

This Ventriloquist Dummy

The classic dummy from so many popular horror films has been infected by the zombie virus! Who better to be his puppeteer than you as a zombie yourself. And, if you get tired of having your hand up a zombie’s nether-region, you can leave him in the Halloween party’s bathroom shower to give your friends a good scare.

Zombie Ventriloquist Dummy Costume

This Zombie Piggyback Costume

The Piggyback costume has been in style for a few years now, but having a zombie be your ride to the party? You’d be getting some pretty awesome looks and questions, such as “how did you train that zombie to do your bidding without trying to eat your flesh!?”

Zombie Piggyback

This “The Rake” Morphsuit

So creepy! If you’re planning on trick-or-treating with any little ones this Halloween, or you’re just plain evil, wear this Morphsuit to capture the attention – or the candy – of the neighbourhood. Or wear it to a Halloween party to get that best costume award!

The Rake Morphsuit

This Arachnomania Morphsuit

Not your typical zombie costume, this Morphsuit will gather a few stares. Definitely practice your spooky moves for this one and have some fun jumping out on some unsuspecting party-goers. Morphsuits are comfortable and an easy costume for those last-minute shoppers.

Arachnomania Morphsuit

This Zombie Nurse Costume

Possibly the first infector of the virus, this nurse costume is a great spin on an over-used women’s costume. Play it up with some great accessories and a zombie doctor partner – you’ll be sure to win the deadliest couple’s costume award.

Zombie Nurse Costume

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