Totally Original Ideas for Halloween 2019

If you’ve finally switched into the “adulting” part of your life, don’t worry, dressing up in a costume and heading to that great party should still be one of the highlights of your year. Don’t believe us? The way to having a great Halloween is to have an original costume rather than something everyone has seen before. The best part of “adulting,” is getting to stay connected to your inner child.

Here are some totally unique Costume Ideas for Halloween 2019:

Stick Man Piggyback Costume

Oh yeah, it definitely does light up! Imagine a dark Halloween party dance floor and your little stick man is excited to meet the crowd. This is one of those comfortable, smile-inducing costumes that will turn any conversation into a great one!

Light Up Stick Man Piggyback Costume

A Cyborg Mask

This is another one with a great light-up feature. It matches with any costume idea you may have in mind. Cyborg princess anyone? And, with the right makeup, there won’t be any alien temptress you can’t takedown. Plus, it doesn’t get in the way of your snacking – those treats won’t eat themselves!

Cyborg Mask

Frantically Moving Eyeball Digital Dudz T-Shirt

Don’t let this picture decieve you. The eyeball does move, frantically mind you! No need for static Halloween costumes and the classic scary images, this T-Shirt will create some serious buzz all the way through the Halloween 2019 season. Just make sure those texts from your mother are in silent mode – or the entire party will know you still see your pediatrician.

Frantically Moving Eyeball T-Shirt

Boil Monster Morphsuit

Looking to meet the love of your life this Halloween? Bring out that inner monster with one of our comfortable morphsuits, especially this one. The fabric is breathable, and you’ll get any kid to drop their candy for you, all while still getting that best costume award at the end of the night!

Boil Monster Morphsuit

A Giant Skeleton Diplodocus Inflatable Costume

(say that seven times fast)

This will be a crowd favourite for Halloween 2019 and is the epitome of original Halloween costumes. Who knows, you might meet the giant inflatable t-rex of your dreams (we did recommend it in our top 5 original Women’s Halloween costumes here).

Giant Skeleton Diplodocus Inflatable Costume

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