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Thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ persistence since 2004, we all now know of the Merc with a Mouth, the Regenerating Degenerate, the Merc with a Moral Code, or as the recent 2016 film says, the Testical with Teeth. He is not completely sane, he breaks the fourth wall, he is a skilled marksman, in love with Death, has the biggest unrequited crush on Spiderman, and is bffs with a time travelling cyborg. He lends himself to any situation (or universe) and it’s usually pretty weird, pretty hilarious stuff. Here at MorphCostumes, we are big fans of ol’ DP and we think Deadpool costumes are a perfect way to round out this years Halloween party. Everyone needs a pansexual, impossible to kill Canadian at their Halloween party! It’s pretty much a staple – like Doritos and bad choices. However, you won’t be the only one thinking Deadpool this year after his record breaking feature film early this year so we’re gonna advise you on some alternative takes on the Merc that’ll get fans of the comics falling at your feet. Cue the music.


Wade Winston Wilson – the Marvel knock-off of DC’s Deathstroke, hence the tongue and cheek name similar to Deathstroke’s own of Slade Wilson. As explained in the 2016 film, Wade Wilson (of regular Earth-616) was diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4 cancer in multiple areas in his body which was killing him. So he entered himself into the Weapon X programme, the same programme which gave Wolverine his healing factor and covered his skeleton in Adamantium. Wade’s time here was rocky, as he was poked, prodded, given a healing factor, and made him immune to diseases, well apart from his cancer. While being cured of it, it still lives inside of him; like his healthy cells regenerate at a superhuman speed, his cancerous ones do too, causing his scarred appearance under the mask.

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Now for the costume, we’re thinking the usual costume, while brilliant, could be made even cooler. We have the base of the costume all sorted for you, but the add ons are up to you. Deadpool is known for his multiple voices, displayed in the comics by different boxes. He has a logical box, narrated by Dr Bong in white but he also has a crazy box which only pops up now and again. These yellow boxes are the voice of Madcap who was inside DP’s brain after an incident with Thor, and they really are a bit mad, even for Deadpool. The whole situation of having Madcap in his head is a mad situation for DP. In the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe run of comics, both of these boxes disappear, and are replaced with red boxes. These boxes are the result of a twisted villain names the Psycho Man who killed these voices. In turn, by killing the yellow and white boxes, a red box appeared – the exact reason for this box is unknown. All we know is that it was a box that championed Wade’s thirst for blood, causing him to want to kill the Marvel Universe. We were thinking a really cool way to incorporate any of these into your costume would be to get some clear wire or plastic and attach a colored rectangle. We would laminate these so that you can write on any quip you fancy, or any sinister thing the red box calls out to you. Another option is a Hello Kitty backpack. Very cute, very helpful, just don’t forget it with Dopinder again.


So we have already introduced the Killogy above, which consists of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated (in which he kills literary greats such as Tom Sawyer, and Sherlock Holmes), and Deadpool Kills Deadpool (this is a multiverse nightmare, with DP killing other DP’s from other verses).

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Deadpool comics are really easy to read and we completely recommend buying the issues or buying them online, especially these ones. Furthermore, we have a brilliant costume in mind thinking about this trilogy of books. In Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool ventures to destroy the fictional characters who were the inspiration for Marvel heroes and villains to originally exist – one being Sherlock Holmes. The cover of Deadpool Killustrated Issue 4 sees Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous character being targeted by DP. The way he did this was by shining a very large magnifying glass under the sun above Holmes’ head. He doesn’t notice his hat is literally on fire because he is inspecting some of Deadpool’s comics on the ground of one of the back streets of London. If you can get yourself one of our Morphsuits, a friend to play Sherlock, and a huge magnifying glass and can recreate this photo… You’re a winner. Yeah, it’s a little vague but the comic book fans will adore it.


That’s right, a whole TEAM of Deadpools from multiple universes to make up probably the most talkative team in comics there has ever been. This way you can team up with your fellow DP fanboys and girls and no one is left out. There are so many different versions of Deadpool that it is nigh-on impossible to not have one to choose from. If you get stuck, just check out the comic Deadpool Kills Deadpool because there are tons in that comic alone. One of our favourites has to be the Deadpool with Wolverine’s claws, who we would like to call Wolvie-pool. There are versions such as Galactus-pool, or Pandapool, or Groot-pool. Really, all of them are our favourite. To quote the Watcher, they’re all just so cool. But this is about the Corps. Below is a little description about each of the main members of the Corps.


You know about him. Read up the top on the Wade section. 


That’s right half of the population, there is a Lady Deadpool, and she’s actually super popular. Wanda Wilson really is just Deadpool with an X-chromosome because they have the same powers, same humour, and the same strange Moral Code. In some issues of the comics, she is a bit more authoritative while with the Corps but that doesn’t mean she isn’t seen playing Guitar Hero with Kid Deadpool now and again. She is Deadpool after all. Her costume is exactly the same as Wade(616)’s costume, except that she has the bounciest blonde ponytail known to comics which pokes out the top of her mask. She even gives Sailor Moon a run for their money. So to dress up as Lady D this Halloween, pick up one of our Deadpool morphsuits (a guys one will be just fine), and don’t zip it up all the way so you can let your ponytail-ed hair fly free in the breeze and you’re all set. Also her hair smells like flowers. We’re not making that up, she genuinely has flower-smelling hair. Can you tell we’re in love with her a little bit?

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Kid Deadpool, also named Wade Wilson, lives in Xavier’s Orphanage for Troubled Boys. Again, he has exactly the same abilities as Wade(616), he’s just younger and a kid anti-hero, which is pretty much a synonym for a juvenile delinquent. Still awesome, possibly even more. Kid Deadpool’s costume is the same as other Deadpools’, the difference being that he wears a red hoodie over the usual red and black spandex. He’s awesome. Plus he stole two lightsabers from the Danger Room of the Orphanage. Mixing Deadpool with Star Wars? It’s like we made it in a computer.

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Yup, Deadpool the Dog. Told ya this guy was a weird one. But it is actually a really weird commentary on animal testing. Dogpool, or his given name of Wilson, got his powers through being tested on for the product Mascara X – a lipstick which would automatically re-apply when smudged. Instead, he developed the power to heal from any wound but he was abandoned in a dumpster before the lab techs could find this out. He and Kid Deadpool were truly man and his best friend. We may not have this costume but imagine your little pup wearing a Deadpool hoodie if you’re doing a family costume of the Corps this Halloween? Pretty darn cute.

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Zombies and Deadpool? Sign us up. Headpool is the version of Deadpool in the universe that was infested by the zombie plague, who coincidentally only has a head. All Deadpools can live without a body, even as a zombie; it’s part of that whole healing factor, basically immortal thing. His head was cut off by the Silver Surfer and as a head, he has gotten into some conundrums. He has been captured by this universe’s S.H.I.E.L.D, named A.R.M.O.U.R, he has been tortured by Hydra, and avoided the clutches of the Man-Thing, a creature made of vegetable matter who guards over all creation, or he did in Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe anyway. Even though it would be awesome to dress up as Headpool, we think Zombie Deadpool with a body would be a bit easier. A Deadpool Morphsuit with the mask tucked in and some makeup? Sounds great to us. There are some great Zombie and some brilliant Deadpool makeup tutorials out there but they are separate. You’ll have to do some tweaking and adaptation but that’s what makes it original!

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Now this is what we’re talking about! More group costumes! In the recent run of comics named All New All Different Marvel, it sees Deadpool famous, rich, funding the Avengers and not really having time to “take care” of the people he used to – he knows he is all new and all different remember. So he recruited some stand-ins, most from a previous team called Mercs for Money. He recruited Stingray, Slapstick, Solo, Terror, Foolkiller, and Macap (the guy who used to be the yellow boxes in DP’s head). These guys were some of the most brutal mercenaries out there but there was someone impersonating DP with bad intentions, no one really knew which Deadpool was the real one – so he gave his stand ins new costumes. They still looked like the classic Deadpool costume but with different colors. And so, Stingray was Orange DP, Slapstick was Yellow DP, Solo was Green DP, Terror the Violet DP, Foolkiller was Blue, and Madcap was the Purple DP, with Wade keeping his original red. This is a really cool way to do a Deadpool team costume and it’s pretty original. Go forth Deadpools, it’s time to make the chimi-f***ing-changas!

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Deadpool has had a few romances in his past, and in his fan-casts (Deadpool and Harley Quinn anyone? Spideypool?), but none is more romantic than the incredible love he shares with Mistress Death. You may be wondering how he came to even be in contact with the Lady Death. It was during his time in the Weapon X programme; Wade had been poked and prodded, mauled around and tested to the point that he was very near the brink of Death in which he met her, and thought she was damn sexy. So they fell in love, as the two had as they day, love at first sight. However, Deadpool has that pesky little thing called a healing factor, which basically makes him immortal. He and his greatest love are destined not to be together, and they give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money in terms of star-crossed lovers. Makes our cold little hearts weep. Therefore, we think that Mistress Death and Deadpool would make a wonderful couples costume. For Mistress Death, it’s lovely and simple – wear a long, form-fitting dress (or you can wear something a little more revealing, even Death has some sex appeal), a hooded cape, and paint your face like a skeleton. You are now suitably deadened. 


Now for the atrocity that was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and basically the reason we got the film in 2016. Ryan Reynolds played Wade in the Wolverine film, and it was clear that the Merc with a Mouth and the Canadian actor are meant to be; Reynolds even wrote most of his dialogue for the film and knew that this interpretation wasn’t the real, correct Deadpool. He left filming of the Wolvie movie before it had wrapped because this version of the character felt like he had eaten some bad chicken.

Despite not wearing the right costume, the character himself could be forgiven – Ryan Reynolds knows how to do Wade impeccably well (heh) but later on, it all goes downhill when Wade Wilson is turned into Weapon X. His sense of humour was wiped, his personality destroyed through mind control, they gave him Cyclops’ laser eyes, had retractable katanas in his hands, and the worst thing – THEY SEWED HIS MOUTH SHUT. The Merc with the Mouth with a sewn mouth. This is so wrong that even Ryan Reynolds had to leave the film when they started shooting these scenes. It’s pretty much blasphemy to Deadpool fans, so why not make fun of it? This costume would be hilarious albeit difficult to do, you’ll need some practice in working with latex makeup. We know if we saw someone in this Halloween costume, we would want to buy them a drink that would be very difficult to drink through a mouth sewn shut.

weapon x
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If you haven’t been able to tell, we really, REALLY love Deadpool. For the guy known to only wear one costume, there are many ways to make the classic red and black leather/spandex suit your own. Be it by impersonating a previous issue’s cover, adding another character, or making fun of him a little, it’s going to be a costume for the ages. You don’t get the title of “most successful r-rated film ever made” attributed to a film without it being a classic from here on out, either in it’s genre or in overall cinema. Now, the MorphCostumes office are going to read a few comics and watch Deadpool. Maximum effort.



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