The Ultimate Zootropolis Quiz!

Cute animals, epic movie references and Shakira singing??? Oh Disney, you know us too well – it’s like seeing an awesome animated mash up of our Google and YouTube search history.

For anyone who’s been worrying that the likes of Frozen and Big Hero 6 could never be topped, the cinematic phenomenon that is Zootropolis, proves Disney is still the creative genius and master of family friendly entertainment with cute characters and an excellent plot. If you haven’t booked your seat, do it now and watch the movie’s Lethal Weapon style duo (yes, really) solve the mystery behind the unbelievably insane (PG rated) crimes predators have committed.

Need any more reasons to go and see Zootropolis?

Here we go. In case…


You’ll chuckle at the references to movies like Frozen (When Bogo says “Let it go”), The Godfather (there’s an excellent scene with mice and polar bears) and 48 Hrs. There’s even a funny reference made to Breaking Bad (watch out for the two sheep near the end).

Zootropolis also tackles properly serious issues, including racism and sexism. Heavy topics indeed, but it’s all done in such a way that the heavier points made will comfortably (and appropriately) fly over the heads of kids too young to understand. The cute, albeit occasionally scary animals will keep them amused, leaving grown ups to giggle shamelessly at all the pop culture references.


Alongside Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy the bunny and Jason Bateman as Nick the fox, you’ve got J.K. Simmons as the lion mayor, Idris Elba as Chief Bogo the buffalo and Shakira as Gazelle.


As with any epic Disney movie be sure to pack the tissues. Disney wouldn’t be Disney without a tear or two, would it? Enjoy tears of sadness and joy. The side splitting funny bits outweigh the sad parts BIG TIME.

Check the movie out for yourself and once you’ve watched it, why not try out our new Zootropolis trivia quiz?

Once you’ve done that, there’s only one thing left to do… Check out our awesome animal range of Morphsuits! (of course).

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