Top 10 Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable costumes are everywhere at the moment! Ever since the Inflatable T-Rex Costume took over the internet a few months ago, we have been busy cooking up some weird and wonderful blow up costume creations in our crazy costume lab.

Luckily for you, we’ve made the choice simple and have compiled some of the top inflatables on the market. In no particular order…


1. Giant Unicorn Inflatable Costume 

For the friend you never see or the friend who loves glitter so much that it’s worrying – get them our Giant Unicorn Inflatable Costume. Perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, Pride, or even as a funny Halloween costume!

2. Megazord MegaMorph Costume 

If you thought that the 90s were the most brilliant of times, then you need to pick up the most 90s blow up costume there is – a Power Rangers Megazord MegaMorph Costume! If you have a buddy’s bachelor party coming up soon and you want to do it in costumes then you gotta get this costume as part of your Power Rangers group costume!

3. Stripper MegaMorph Costume 

Ramp up the music and grab your singles, the sexiest lady on the whole continent is coming to the stage. Ladies and gents,please warmly welcome – the Stripper MegaMorph Inflatable Costume! If you like to push the boundaries with your blow up costume, then this is definitely the one for you.

4. Pick Me Up Sumo Wrestler Inflatable Costumes 

A classic, revamped! Our Pick Me Up Sumo Wrestler Inflatable Costume combines the classic sumo wrestler costume with an optical illusion, which is something that we’re pretty fond of here at MorphCostumes. This costume is hilarious and perfect for the funny dude in the group.

5. Kids Skeleton T-Rex Inflatable Costume

We can’t allow adults to have all the fun in blow up costumes, kids need the opportunity to have this much fun too! While we do have the regular inflatable Dinosaur costume, it’s hard to beat our Kids Skeleton T-Rex Inflatable Costume! This costume was designed to be worn at Halloween so if you choose any other kids Halloween costume, you’ve made a big mistake!

6.  Kids Diplodocus Inflatable Costume 

We do love the t-rex costume but it’s had it’s time in the sun – it’s time for the Kids Diplodocus Inflatable Costume! A dinosaur costume is good for any occasion: birthday parties, Jurassic Park marathons, Halloween and even your grandma’s retirement party. She deserves some good entertainment!

Kids Inflatable Costumes

7. Kids Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Costume 

They come in peace but are here to take us to their planet – which, if we’re honest, we’ll let happen if it’s this awesome! Our Kids Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Costume went viral on Facebook and still flies off the shelf so if you want this alien costume, you better order quick!

8. Lederhosen MegaMorph Costume 

Oktoberfest is the prime opportunity for costumes, so don’t wait to get your Lederhosen MegaMorph Costume! this funny costume is just begging to get beer spilled all over it when you’re drunk-dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe.

9. Pick Me Up Grim Reaper Inflatable Costume 

Inflatable goes creepy! We have a few inflatable Halloween costumes but this is one of our favourites – the Pick Me Up Grim Reaper Inflatable costume is an awesome choice because it balances the funny with the morbid perfectly. You gotta pick this costume up for Halloween.

10. Inflatable T-Rex Costume 

The one that started it all! The Inflatable T-Rex Costume is a modern classic and if you haven’t joined in the fun you need to. It’s hard to describe the fun you have in an inflatable dinosaur costume but lets just say it rivals a three year old at Disneyworld for the first time after a whole load of sugar.

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